A Day in May


My team indulged me in a hike and picnic adventure on a blustery Mother’s day.


The Firefighter was on duty and we discussed our thoughts about developmental readiness for owning your own pocket knife. (He said, “maybe ten?” and I replied that I was thinking about seven. He liked that.)


Big brother is incredulous watching Little Brother approach Daddy’s face like it’s a bowling ball.


Eleven months old today, are you kidding me?! He is developing so beautifully. In the last month, he has learned to move and, with an extensive dose of floor sampling, has been practicing some discrimination with what goes into his mouth. Our noses are still fair game.


My preferred habitat: trees, running water, and a sack of tasty morsels on my back.

*one of the songs on the mental loop that week:

2 thoughts on “A Day in May

  1. I didn’t think any child could be as beautiful as Liam but Caleb is definitely in the running! Must be in the genes–for which I happily take some responsibility. Can’t wait to see my adorable grandkids, and their parents too of course. Glad you had such a great Mother’s Day. Every mother deserves as many great days as possible to make up for all the sleepless nights.
    Love, Mamo

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