practically brilliant

Some rules I have derived for living the Zen and the Heart of Housekeeping lifestyle (copyright pending)

Sustainable Laundry Practice: maximum threshold, 3 unfolded baskets. If your living room is littered with three piles, er baskets, of clean as of yet unfolded laundry, it is not beneficial at this point to load more soiled linens into the washing machine. Wait until after the children’s bedtime, pour a drink, turn on good music, an insightful podcast or catch a friend on the phone and begin folding. The dirty stuff will keep ’til morning.

Sustainable Foodstuffs Practice: Make one giant pot of beans per week. Typically best achieved on a Friday, this allows meal planning for the weekend to fall back on breakfast burritos, quesadillas with beans and dinner burritos. Add various hot sauces to your liking. Do this and you’ll be sitting pretty, barely making dinner, and enjoying your afternoons and evenings to the utmost.

Sustainable Pest Control or Shoo Fly: When you leave doors open in the springtime, flies will feel invited in. Best to ignore their entry and later on you will find them waiting on another, closed door. From a calm and grateful place, open that door.

When all else fails, go outside, look for beautiful colors, sit under a shady tree, roll around on the grass, run and leap, call five best friends and leave messages, do some weeding, run up a mountain trail, get on your mat, get off your mat, watch Ants closely, count the stars as they come out, open your heart space, eat some good chocolate, make a new cocktail, plan a party, write a letter, lock yourself in with a good book, get on your mat again, go back outside, drink some water, have some tea, climb a tree, swing in a hammock and I can not see an end to this list, but it is cheering me to create it.

Dialogue me! Do you have a practical zen practice that you’d care to share?

2 thoughts on “practically brilliant

  1. I like the playful perpetuity of your list, Devon. A good reminder of the ongoing nature of deep self care. i find that going out to the garden first thing to have my morning cuppa both grounds and enthuses me….

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