Summertime Rolls

Springtime has been unfolding here in a most lovely, rhythmic way.

The earth has been steady on in her movement and we are nearly back to summer solstice which marks, among so many things, little one’s first birthday. I remember being told as a kid that my perception of time would grow faster the older I became and, by george, that is truth. A year!

This time last year the skies overhead were suffused with smoke from multiple wildfires burning on both sides of Santa Fe. This made for glorious sunsets, but paranoid pregnancy endgame moments. I think that I hid inside a lot: from smoke, sunshine, thirst and the pull of gravity upon my overstretched ligaments when I stood.

Somehow; whether it was in the hiding, the hormones, the inward focus of my last trimester, I failed to notice the many flowers and the stately way they have arranged themselves to bud, bloom and wilt in a progression that gives us something new to see every few days. Admittedly, we were blessed with some unexpectedly vigorous downpours in the middle of spring and I think that the flowers (and weeds!) are just so happy, still, from that momentary quenching. This year it seems that something and a buddy has been blooming in succession for going on two months.

The colors of the desert are minimal and luminous: blue sky of a thousand blues, sandy variations, light sage greens and slightly richer evergreens….and then, this: wildflower season, the season of cultivated gardens, butterflies alighting.  My eyes turn towards these petite moments of novel color and pop wider. I take them in and chew on them like essential nutrients.

The pull of water is strong in me. We are preparing for a month long trip to the east coast and, in the meantime, I am drawn back to an easy meander along a running creek: to see what I can see. I pause by the burbles, the falling water and balance on my soles, lift through my arches, my hammocks, my heart and breathe in that good air.

Our yard, too, has been cultivated in spots and it is a treat to walk outside the door and see which color has come to visit us today. “Signs of spring”, Liam called them in April. Now, we muse on what popsicle to make next and gaze at the buds of fruits coming to be.

I am pulled, too, with a desire to possess these colors, these sounds and sensations, to take them home inside of me. I play with the point and shoot to show you some things.











next week, we begin our travels. i am going to attempt to be all sassy and continue to post weekly from the road. if i go missing from here, trust that i am being held by water, friends and family.

4 thoughts on “Summertime Rolls

  1. Dev, I love the way your zooming in on the nature surrounding you highlights the richness of color in your surroundings. Our eyes tendency to see what’s around us more often focuses on the distant panorama (especially when YOUR panorama goes on for miles and miles in all directions!). That vista in New Mexico can be very brown, but you are bringing us, your readers, along with you to enjoy the tinier(?) picture! Xo

  2. These words are like the first rain of June, that welcome and lovely. I’m sorry we missed our wander down a burbling stream trail…and send you off on your journey with anticipation for any missives that come of it.

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