dear readers,

i have recently returned to teaching and, though i have kept up my morning pages (daily writing) to the best of my ability, i have been away from this page for quite awhile.

yesterday, i conducted some deep household reorganization as we adapt again to having a curious monkey about the house. i unearthed from my desktop some essay attempts from back in the springtime when i had a writing circle and we would print things out to read together. i put them all on my freshly de-papered clipboard and this morning, when partner in crime met my request for time to write with some hours by myself at home, i retrieved the board and got right to it.

i like when things are that easy and i am thinking of it as the iceberg metaphor; so much happened before to make this simple moment of ease, easy.

did you know that i put links in my posts quite often? they are embedded in words or phrases (the text is dark blue rather than black) and if you click on it, you will be led to some more information or a song that i hummed while writing. want to practice? scroll back up to my first sentence and find the blue words, then click on them.

that’s my psa for today, thanks for stopping by,


2 thoughts on “Meta

  1. Two posts in one day! Having Papa take the little meddlers off you hands obviously gives your mind free range. Happy to have you back. Missed you in CT. Susie

    1. It had been a long time coming (the writing that is, clearly I had a lot of time with out the littles around!). Thanks for saying hello and, yes, I missed a more bountiful east coast trip as well.

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