The Inner Landscape of Beauty

Some days, life feels like a treasure trove-like when six books recommended by friends all show up on the hold shelf at the library and other days, or moments, I can’t believe how quick the shit builds up, like, literally. Both my home space and my heart space need regular sweeping of cobwebs and detritus.

In our home, we have many different gears turning right now as new routines and rhythms are striven for, in order to accommodate new schools, new work and holding it altogether with room, and energy, left for play, connection, and regular exercise (pretty please).

These early school-year days contain just enough time to allow little guy a nap between our work morning and big guy’s afternoon pick up. He has been falling asleep on our ten-minute drive home and allowing me to transfer him straight to his bed and then taking him back out and straight to the car two hours later. This pause is in my otherwise giving, extroverted day is so very sweet. I wish we could all have siesta.

One of the treasure troves I have stumbled upon, since becoming a mother, is the full world of podcasts. Of course, there are so very many out there. I have a backlog of recommendations for friends, so I thought that I would share them here. And maybe you’d like to tell me what you are listening to or otherwise ingesting?

On Being with Krista Tippet is soul food for me; so many of her conversations, across a spectrum of thoughtful humanity, nourish me directly. This recent one with John O’Donohue is about beauty and much more. I have listened to it twice through and probably will again, I would love to talk it over with you, it is very rich. Also, I enjoyed this talk with Rami Nashashibi about creativity, community, parenting and poverty, but really: listen to all of them. Seriously.

The Moth is culled from a radio hour by the same name and consists of people telling their own stories often with some coaching around storytelling. I listened to this one while walking a long walk to yoga class and laughed and cried a lot of the way; catching flying babies on mountainsides, body image and self worth at ten thousand waves, living in the home of Poe in the Bronx.

Death, Sex and Money is a relatively new one from WNYC that I enjoy, particularly these conversations: Bill Withers on being a man and Jane Fonda on being a woman. Oh, and this guy talking about being in the funeral business.

Katy Says is a great one for geeking out over body mechanics, alignment and best practices for existing in human form. My awesome post-partum PT recommended it to me. Also, it feels like eavesdropping on two gals that you might want to befriend because they think about cool stuff and enjoy laughing. Check out the boob show to get you thinking differently about how you attire your body.

This American Life, a radio program that will keep me from getting out of the car, issues a podcast. I faithfully download and fail to listen to the majority of them. They recently ran a two-part segment on the state of American education today entitled The Problem We All Live With and I intend to find some time for those soon.

The Longest Shortest Time is a great, primarily, parenting oriented show and the creator is really striving to foster a sense of community through sharing stories about how ridiculous parenting can be. I appreciate her vision and enjoy listening to what she brings together. She recommends one called 99% Invisible which is about design and I am sure that will be another portal of listening that I would like to step into.

I got started on podcasts with Zencast, a mindfulness gateway drug if there ever was one. Listening to Tara Brock and Gil Fronsdal or Jack Kornfield as I trooped up and down Eastern Parkway, a little bundle strapped to my chest, on my way to or from quality pizza on the other side of town, might have actually saved me in my early parenting days.

Lastly, Storynory is a definite go-to for those of you with littles who could use some freshly updated, well recorded stories, classic and modern, to listen to on car rides, for resting time, etc.

I went on a long deserved vacation this summer with a dear, old-school friend and I was delighted, though not shocked, to find we listen regularly to many of the same programs. And, I know some more of you good people who already do. Here, I am trying to convert the rest of you; these recordings are springboards to support the good conversations we are already having and let us take them deeper, quicker. I need all the paths to value correlated positively with effort that I can find!

Oh my, now I want to hear them all again. Let me know if you indulge and if you are subsequently moved. Happy nourishment through story, everyone!

Remember the links are the blue text, which you can click on. I can’t quite manipulate the internet to make them less subtle on the screen. 

2 thoughts on “The Inner Landscape of Beauty

  1. I don’t really listen to podcasts but I hear many of those shows live on NPR. They’re so interesting and I’m glad you have time to catch them.

  2. I do not regularly listen to podcasts, but your post has certainly convinced me to consider it. And, now I have a place to start. Thank you!

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