In less than seven years, I have transplanted myself from Brooklyn, NYC where I lived a bike riding, hootenany attending, public school teaching kind of life, first to Boulder, Colorado where I deepened my connection to self while growing into my new roles of wife and mother.  Now, we live here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and most days I am tending hearth and home for my family, while on my days off I hike up mountains or soak in very hot water.

I am playing with how to keep yoga, writing and relationships vibrantly alive in my days alongside parenting two young boys, de-cluttering the onslaught of modern American culture and reading copious amounts of literature. I am practicing keeping house, so that it holds me and my family well with space to play, rest, connect and be fed. Somedays there is a real joy in this movement towards order, cleanliness and beauty. Other days, I shirk these assumed responsibilities.

My not-so-secret is that I am working on a memoir in bursts and long pauses,  while my  more secretive secret is that I hope this work will help elucidate a path into my future.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Devon — I enjoy reading your posts! Life is a journey and it’s wonderful to discover yourself! I have been engulfing myself with essential oils — they are my outlet, especially since I started my new job and I don’t get to spend time daydreaming. I constantly see room for improvement. Anyways…maybe I need a blog! Love your inspiration and insight!

    1. Angelica, Thanks for your comment. I like picturing you engulfed in essential oils. That sounds very nourishing. I wish we were just a little closer in space so we could smell them together. Let’s aim for lunch again in April or May!

  2. Hi Devon. Are you by chance the Devon Corbet who did an internship at Archbold Biological Station in 2001?

  3. Hi Devon, I’ve been the HR Administrator at Archbold since 2005. In preparation of our 75th anniversary in 2016, I’ve been tasked with finding as many of our 450 former interns, going back to the 1960’s, as possible. We’ve started sending out a monthly E_Newsletter last year and have had wonderful reaction to our former interns who have recently reconnected with the Station. You can check out our previous E_Newsletters from a link on our web page: . I would love to add your email address to our database for receiving our monthly newsletter. Sharon

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